ANDROSYSTEMS S.R.L. is an Italian company that has been on the market for more than 26 years with a wide range of products, from auto-injectors (Softinject e Caverninjector), used for the intracavernous administration of drugs for the treatment of erectile dysfunction, to food supplements with innovative formulas , with various therapeutic effects.

The production of our food supplements is the result of numerous scientific studies, the investment of important capital in research and development activities, the use of certified and traceable high quality raw materials, all this in order to obtain highly bioavailable products that it allows its physiological efficacy and food safety.

After having fulfilled the obligation of notification to the Ministry of Health, all the data deriving from the control and quality activities throughout the production phase of food supplements, are subjected to rigorous checks by the Ministry of Health before obtaining the ‘authorization to trade.

All this to guarantee the consumer products of high quality and efficacy, safe both from a physiological and nutritional point of view.

Among our most popular supplements: ERENOX, ERECTOSAN PLUS, RIFERTOSAN DONNA and RIFERTOSAN UOMO, UREIDRA and finally the historic product ERECTOSAN for over 10 years sold in pharmacies, present in the National Register of Food Supplements on the website of the Ministry of Health.

All with international patent Androsystems S.r.l. because our products meet the requirements of novelty and originality of formulation, as well as industrial application.