ANDROSYSTEMS is an Italian company for more than 26 years in the market with a variety of products: from the marketing of autoinjectors used for intracavernous administration of erectile dysfunction drugs, proven efficacy supplements, supported by the most qualified scientific research, such as Erectosan, Rifertosan Woman, Rifertosan Man, Ureidra and finally, Erectosan Plus. For over ten years Androsytems invests important capital into research and development activities by fostering knowledge of traditional medicine with cutting-edge technology innovations through procedures strictly to guarantee the integrators the highest authorized quality standards. Control activity at all stages of production and quality takes place over a period of time ranging from the development of the integrators to the pharmacy distribution. Our supplements are the result of careful research and experimentation, taking a long time to achieve the highest quality result by investing the best resources and giving it a major importance to the health of the person as a fundamental asset. The data set is then subjected to rigorous controls before obtaining the approval from the Ministry of Health and then be available on the market. Androsystems according to reg. 178/02 guarantees for all products the traceability of raw materials and materials used, as well as of the companies to which the product has been supplied.